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Do you remember being a kid and asking a million questions with one word, “why?”  Well I do, and I remember exhausting the question so much so that my dad would end the conversation with “I don’t know Dawn, it just is and you ask too many questions.”  As I have gotten older I have learned to be less vexatious in my questioning and more selective in my persistency searching out my understanding of truth.

The question “why” is a curiosity that needs to be shamelessly carried out in life. I know how easy it is to get embarrassed feeling like you’re asking too many questions but the older I get the more I realize the importance of its practice.  I read this article the other day called 20 Things to do in your 20’s (a must read!) and it has disrupted, in a good way, my mind and reconstructed my thoughts. That little punctuated curve has turned to its side and sucker punched my brain.

“It is this lifestyle of “why” that is so valuable as we learn to question the way we all live rather than just taking everything at face value.”

I’ve spent the last couple days in a deep chaotic mess of thoughts, and I have come to the realization that lately my life has been exploring, observing and wandering, but not questioning which has put me idle. I’ve been leaving things alone that need to be questioned, but thankfully that article defibrillated a spike and rhythm back in my life to get me motivated and moving. I’m not going to be timid with the questions I need answered and right now I have a few of them to face.

“People, more than things have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed.” –Audrey Hephern


Calif. Update: My plans in the career hunt for a position in public relations.

When I moved here to Calif. I didn’t have a game plan really, rather an ambition to run with.  The only thing I knew was that I wanted to pursue a career in public relations. Communication, relationships, writing and messaging are all constituents of me. I want to be a word connoisseur; poise and understood, a masterful messaging liaison between stakeholders’ and their audiences. I want to help prevent and break barriers of misunderstandings.

Blue Prints: I took position with Pacific San Diego Magazine for several reasons, money not being one of them. I wanted to learn the city and working for a regional lifestyle magazine just seemed like a logical decision. I want/need to build my network because I know no one and this job has me in the face of several different industries. Keeping a PR mindset for the region I need to be culturally exposed to understand the dynamic of its people and well this job has submerged me in a sea of “San Diegans”. The decision to work for this company was all strategically thought out. Since working for Pacific SD Magazine I have facilitated an Art event RSVP’d by 900, collected a few contacts in the industry, established new relationships professionally and friendly, and I have showcased my work ethic.

I continue to work my internship with TowelMate and help manage their social media platforms, specifically Facebook and Instagram. While I am a marketing intern and I’m slowly being mentored in that aspect, I occasionally get to throw in a few PR tactics to my work. The cool thing about this internship is that it is all digital and I can create my own schedule. My boss also gives me a lot of free reign and allows me to initiate decisions on my own. My boss shares his criticism later and I don’t think I’ve had a bad one yet, just an occasional suggestion. I like this because rather than being all “bossy” he acts as a mentor, monitoring and facilitating my growth as I mold myself. I’ve never actually met my boss but he has recently approached me about a potential paid position working at an office. The job sounds interesting and I’ll be considering it after we further discuss its proposal.

Life Update:

Home to visit Atlanta (Click that hyperlink and you’ll see why I LOVE the city :)) in T-7 days :] My best of the best friends is graduating and I couldn’t be prouder!

I’ve been hanging out in Balboa Park a lot recently and I love the area.

I’ve been to the beach by myself and enjoyed the sand and sun alone with my notebook and pen. I’ve come realize that I am a social loaner… I love being social and center of attention, yet I also like to be alone and unnoticed. I have a very contradicting personality and I think that is why I am so indecisive sometimes. I ended up here ->Cardiff

I’ve interviewed with a company called Level 3 Communications and I am currently in a strong running for the position. It is a well-paid starting position that entails travel within the southwest region. Before my interview I got to tour the facility and I received the nerd rundown on how the telecommunication equipment worked. The guy giving me the tour kept apologizing about how boring and nerdy it all was, but I loved it and found it fascinating. What cracked me up most about this tour is that a lot of the terminology used I had heard from my ex, I guess his nerdiness helped me because I could at least speak a little on the subject and understand to an extent how the networking, encryptions, hacking, terabytes, backup, fiber cables, and etc. all worked. Thankfully my position with the company wouldn’t have to be a deep technical understanding of the equipment, that would be a headache, but it’s nice to at least have a generalized understanding.

To be honest I’ve been working a lot or drawing. I’ve become obsessed with drawing, it’s a lot of fun and like writing it keeps my sanity. Here is my latest drawing. I’ve really just been exploring a lot of creative outlet.

Lol I just love this:


And ending on the song I am currently obsessed with (not sure why):

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