My 10 Rules to Live By

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I’ve been terrible about keeping up with this blog and writing because life happens. Not to excuse myself, except I’m excusing myself, I’ve been living, breathing, experiencing, and most importantly learning. The older I get the more I appreciate my capacity to inhale, especially after the moments that take my breath away.

I have an incredible pulse for life—the good, the bad, and the juicy (the complex interactions that take place before us everyday). I seek out happiness and self-fulfillment and find my inspiration from family, friends, music, dead writers, communication, volunteering, individualism, art, and simplicity.

We all have a choice in how to live and I made the decision to live mine happily. Because everyone defines his or her own happiness I wanted to share how I achieve mine. I live by my own set of rules and here they are:

1)   Do what you want and stand for what you believe in.

2)   Expect nothing from anyone but yourself.

3)   Never stray too far from Never Never Land.

4)   Read.

5)   Talk to strangers.

6)   Volunteer.

7)   Write.

8)   Believe in the impossible and then make it possible, or at least try because no one ever regrets trying what he or she wants.

9)   Don’t let negative attitude influence your mood but instead inspire vibrancy back into the perpetrator.

10)  Keep faith.

Hmmm… this is because I am an odd ball and I analyze things weird, but the balance of the words from my rules above is offbeat, which in my thought made me laugh because I feel I have an odd balance for life. And that was my quirky moment.

UPDATE of my life:

About a month ago I went back to ATL to watch my best friend walk the graduation stage at the University of West Georgia and receive her bachelor’s in middle grades education. She wore these glasses the entire graduation and danced across the stage, she made me proud 😛


We were obsessed with this song on my visit:

Also she will be here in San Diego this weekend for a week! Yippe 🙂

While I was home I was so spoiled…well fed with drinks and food, taken on a shopping spree with grandma (my best friends grandma, not mine), had a girls night downtown that included a fancy schmancy hotel room with my favorite friends, had friends drive hours to meet me in ATL for a dinner, my cat was adopted by a great little family, and best of all I got to see my daddy and little sister and brother. Going home reminded me just how loved I am 🙂 Oh and I snagged a copy of the book I was published in.

I was supposed to fly back to Calif. but ended up road tripping back with a girl I met once like 4 years prior. I happen to see on her Facebook status that said she was moving to Calif. on a whim and I jokingly said depending how fast she was moving I would ride with her so she didn’t drive alone… turns out the day she was leaving was the day my flight was suppose to head out, so I cancelled my flight and hopped in the passenger seat. What an INCREDIBLE trip it was. I was able to see my freshman year of college best friend on her birthday in New Orleans and the next day leaving we won the lottery on a dollar scratch off. I got to see a huge chunk of the southern states and made it home to San Diego just a few hours before I had to work. I also got a tattoo in New Mexico that can be viewed here on my Instagram.

Career Hunting :

One of the best advices I was given from someone in my professional network for my career search post graduation was to celebrate the small successes. Finding a career is exhausting and it easy to lose motivation. I am working my butt off making next to nothing, however in exchange I am networking a lot and creating a ton of new relationships. My position with Pacific San Diego Magazine is working pretty well with the plan and strategy I previously mentioned in my last post. Also I’ve received a small promotion and got street team member of the month from the magazine 🙂 With my internship my boss is launching a different new company the first of next month and there is opportunity for me to have a full-time paid position. And I recently met someone who wants me to be his production manager in a couple months because his production manager is leaving and he is seeking a replacement, of course people talk, so we’ll see what happens. So things are tight on expenses but I am exactly where I want to be, I’m working hard, and most importantly I am happy!

I’ve started to volunteer for an amazing organization downtown San Diego called Urban Angels. I essentially volunteer with the same duties those at a soup kitchen would have. I feed the struggling and less fortunate. How this organization differs from a soup kitchen is the homeless I feed stay in a connection housing. The tenants have 6 months to live free and seek out a job to return to their independence. Once the occupants have received a job they have opportunity to move up a few floors in the building to a more permanent housing. For two years said reemployed person can work to get back on his or her own again. It’s an awesome concept and I 100 percent support it. I enjoyed all the people I met because of the wild variety of personalities. What I really love is that I am people who are trying to help themselves.


Here it Urban Angels Facebook  so that whoever is reading this can further lurk the organization 🙂

Quick odd story— I went out to eat at a 24 hour joint downtown on sixth avenue (can’t remember the name of the establishment) after hanging out at Bassmnt to see  Dash Berlin with a new friend I made at Urban Angels. Which btw at Bassmnt LMFAO’s vip table was right next to the one I was invited to. There was a guy hanging out in their group I found beautiful but I was a baby and didn’t reel and deal (

Umm yeah there are far more stories and adventures between all the events mentioned in this post, but well I’m tried of talking about myself so, catch you later 🙂

Also 3 more things

1) Agreed:


2) I’ll be damned if I don’t have one hell of a life story by the time I have kids or die 😉

3) Here is a picture of the book I was published in 😀



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