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My life in this moment is mentally strange. And because I’m in the west coast I feel like I am caught in the undertow. Yes, I know I am lame, but I embrace it. Currently — I do not feel defeated, but I feel that I am not winning. So things have got to be shaken up, and I must goal personal challenges for myself. I need change. Plus I could use a rhythmic energy shock and new inspiration. This month I am calling my “Makeshift” month.

Personal Challenges for July:

1) No Facebook, unless, otherwise required of work. This means no personal use of browsing status updates, photos, and yadda yadda de blah. I wanted to say social media, but I use my Twitter (follow me :]) to read articles and I want to revamp my LinkedIn. Also – this rule obviously begins July 3 after I post on my social media platforms that I am doing this.

2) Write a letter a day to the people I care and love most. I haven’t decided if I mail each day or send out a huge stack out Aug. 1.

3) No alcohol to touch my lips the month of July, yes this includes the 4th. Excluding July 1 because my work had me sip our clients products (Jack Daniel Honey and Tuaca)

4) Workout 3 days a week minimum.

5) Become more flexible… so stretch more! and the word more inspired me to think drink more water as well.

Yep, so those were my goals. I’ll let you know how they go 🙂 Until then I am posting random photos that inspire me as I segue to the update on my life portion of this post.


My Life Update: a chaotic mess that has slight rein.

I made a new for sure life long friend at work 🙂 Lynnia! (


We pretty much hang out all the time and go on crazy adventures that can be followed HERE on my Instagram.

I got to work at the BET Radio Press in LA this past weekend and it was a TON of fun 🙂 I got to escort lots of talent and see how the whole function carried out.


…the updates continue

Pacific Magazine let me help with their copyediting and you have no idea how happy that made me!

My best friend (Wifey, yes she earned that title years ago) came to visit me from Georgia and it was AWESOME. We went biking riding on Coronado Island, the San Diego Zoo, out in Del Mar where we got hit on by a creeper wanna be our sugar daddy… this is where he hit on us – Poseidon , amazing cocktails  food, and beach view… I highly recommend. We went to the La Jolla Coves, kayaking in the ocean… needless to say, it was an exhausting week.


I couldn’t live at my last location so I’ve moved. Something I’ve noticed about most Californians is that they don’t use air conditioning in their homes. I’ve been to so many places that don’t have a unit or don’t use them. It gets hot.

Urban Angels has asked me to be a writer for them and to help keep up with their blog 🙂 I feel so honored and excited. Urban Angels is a connection housing to help those that have fallen a little and need some help.

I made a new friend in Los Angeles that is hilarious, HERE is a video for proof (she is the girl in the sleeved dress). Her friend and her make creative awesomeness when they combine forces lol.

I’ve been hiking at the potato chip rock, which was an awesome hike! If you are looking to grow your butt and thighs I suggest this hike!


I’ve been to Intervention at the Hard Rock in downtown SD. I got to see Nicky Ramero perform.

I’ve been to the American Comedy Co. in SD and saw Dan St. Germain.

umm well I am actually exhausted right now so I am calling it quits for the updates.

Like everyone else, same shit, different story. I have my struggles everyday, but I choose to live happy. I would have never imagined 7 months prior that I would up and move to Calif. all alone, struggling like hell to survive, and living a constant adventure of a learning experience. I guess that about wraps it up 🙂  Thanks for those who trekked the screen this far and read my blabber.



And for closing this song by Lana Del Rey shared by Pandora:

It’s so weird and I am addicted.

4 thoughts on “Makeshift

  1. first off – i love Lana Del Rey 🙂 and secondly, I love your goals too! I made some similar ones at the start of summer – I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since June 2 and have been trying to jog at least a couple miles a few times a week, and i feel so much better than where i was a few weeks ago! Go get ’em girl! oh, & congrats on the urban angels gig, too. they’re lucky to have ya. ❤

    1. aww thanks love! That’s awesome that you are doing so well and feeling great about it! ps BTW we should hang out soon! I have been looking to check out writing meet ups around SD and we should do one together 🙂

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