The Counter Intuitive Argument

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You can’t please everyone.

Something I’ve always known but never realized the disappointment of until recently. People judge the f*ck out of each other. We’re human, but must we be so hateful in disagreement? Because what is considered right or wrong but our own understandings identified to the words. And whoever gave anyone the right to belittle another except themselves. Why would anyone ever want to befriend a hater? Sometimes I get so carried away in thoughts — it’s ridiculous.

I’ve been thinking a little too much about counter intuitive arguments. Inspired by silly little blogs and responses, news, stories from friends, and even my own performances… that I must mention I apologize for when I realize that I react too soon to my emotions. It’s amazing how infectious human attitude is.

One of my personal flaws is my lacerating words when hurt or angry, my ability to gut another for their weakness if I know it.  I don’t really do that anymore because I keep growing and it helps that I realized the short fuse at a very young age. It has and will always be a conscientious effort to not be cruel because that is not the person I want to be. I’ve known my entire life that I wanted to impact the life of another positively. And years later I’ve realized that I do and of an audience greater than I could have expected.

If people didn’t speak on behalf of their prerogative and always accepted things for what they were and just kind of floated day by day… I personally would think they were boring. So what if there is disagreement in belief or outrageous ideas. Listen and share the floor with an open mind. Using language like “you suck” or “you’re stupid” or even “hate” holds no credibility to your argument because it displays 2 things: inability to argue and fragility.

How can anything be resolved with a close mind? Or when people ignore one another and just don’t care. Change for the better will never happen until time is mutually respected and active listening is real. It won’t happen until honesty has a brave heart and people learn to accept in love. And I’m not talking hippy love, I’m talking about real love that is understanding, nurturing, tough, willing, and kind.

Recently I’ve been feeling a lot of disappointment from my intake of observation. I am at a weird place for understanding because I have situations that have me second guessing my own consideration of truth. But when I allow myself to pull away from the things that cause me confusion and reflect and actually think about it. I still think I’m right.

We will spend a lifetime practicing:

  • Our Craft
  • Our Priciples
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management

…. Life in general.

And I’m realizing that we will never find perfection because our ideas will always push for more. And our desires will only grow to every accomplished goal. And I couldn’t agree more with Christopher McCandless as he simply wrote, “Happiness is only real when shared.”

And my thoughts will always be wild, adaptive,

momentarily confused and flourishing.

The scenarios in our head can be so much better than real life, which is why imagination should be endorsed as it inspires, it escapes, it creates, it makes us think and it can lead us to happiness. Not to mention, it’s exciting! And fairy tales don’t have to be fairy tales because we can guide our own decisions and create the world we wish to live in. So really we should never be bored, unless we’re boring… that’s what I’ve decided atleast. And the ability to decide will determine personal success because the decisions you follow through on passionately will happen.

And MY GOD is 25 peculiar in the brain. Not that it wasn’t as a tween or teen, but the wiring is definitely circuiting differently.

Speaking of awkward teen year I just wrote my 14-year-old niece this message, which should serve me as a reminder of how I choose to life my life:

“You just be the best you and even if people are rude, you be kind. The only way change will happen is by example and years later (because sometimes that is how long it takes before you see results which is why you need patience) you’ll feel good about yourself and you’ll be that much stronger to handle anything. You have a very kind heart Destiny, don’t let people change that about you because they will try. And I came out with one bestest best friend out of high school and we had several huge fights and periods of not talking while we were growing up. Best friends don’t suck but there might be moments that suck and you’ll get through it if you truly love each other. PS I miss and love you! And I’m sending you a letter soon so expect it xo”

Just an update of my life for those interested:

1) I’ve almost been living in Calif. for a year now, unbelievable! It was never an initial plan but it happened. I think I’m making a positive impact because realistically, financially alone, being out here would not be possible. Incredible people are placed in my life to help me along the way, and then I’m convinced I’m exactly where I am so supposed to be for the time being. Individually I am growing substantially.

2) I might be crazy. I now have 4 jobs, 5 if you would include my volunteer work. Right now I work full-time for Wyndham as a Marketing Concierge. I continue to work part-time for Pacific Magazine as a Promotional Team Trainer and a weekly assistant to the promotions and marketing managers. I work very, super minimal, part-time for a promotions company called Green House Agency as a Promotions Specialist. And recently, like two days ago, I accepted work for an up starting company facilitating and creating social media content that will be monthly stipend…. most importantly I get creative freedom, a learning experience, and another build of a skill set. And well if we want to make it 5 I absolutely love my Urban Angels family and will continue to volunteer and write for them 🙂

3) I’m taking a breather from the boys because my timing always sucks or I meet guys that I know aren’t ready for a commitment… and I’m not talking marriage because that would be the ultimate commitment and the concept tied to the word is a little nauseating. I only say nauseating because I feel people idealize marriage but don’t consider the work behind it and are so easy to divorce… a road I never want walk. So I’d rather be patient and wait for what is right for me. I’m taking a break because I know I get impatient to share ideas, stories, and moments. And I am so desirous of what I want now that I refuse anything less of what I deserve. And my love life was pretty dramatic last year, so I’ve learned a lot from that hahah. My closest friends have or will hear the stories when the timing is right and we can share coffee or walks, so be patient for the next encounter loved ones!

4) Here was the final list of my New Year’s Resolutions:


5) My Best Friend came for Christmas and New Years 2013 and below are a couple photos of our fun adventures (yup we’re chicks and document that sh*t)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also – in the next year and a half or so I am moving abroad. It. Must. Happen. While I am a young little free bird 🙂

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