Guidelines To Happy


There is nothing that is free. Free is a silly word and a lot of people favor it, even myself sometimes. I say sometimes because my collection of freebies clutter my life and that annoys me, but other than that I tend to enjoy the things that associate with free. Free is a desire to be lazy – a way to get what we want with no work but the truth is free does not exist.


…I have my own understanding of truths and what is real. The statement to the left is on point.

Everything in life is an exchange and the gauge of our efforts are our own.  I measure success by cultivation of relationship(s) because good relationships are what make me happy. My greatest investments are the people of my life. Even the action of breathing is an exchange, and I’m thankful that the most important people of my life make me gasp for it.

Here are my Guidelines to Happy:

1) Pick Your Influence – You ARE the greater interactions of your life. The people you invest your time with impact your character, personality, and overall being. Stop hanging with the complainers and the haters because they are a waste of time. There is no fulfillment in having the life sucked out of you and negative people leech your soul. Plus the advanced pessimists make you question yourself in the worst kind of way and that is just silly.

2) Define Personal Values – The standards you choose to live will pilot your decisions…

3) Make A Decision –  Stick to it. Use your values as a guide and work relentlessly towards what you want. And learn to bend because it is rare that everything idealized is achieved first try… or even second or third. As my dad would say “quit yer b*tchin.” If you want something don’t waste your time complaining

4) Treasure Trove Support – Learn to network crochet and fancy stitch that sh*t in a way that not even the sharks gnawing the threads could blade through. Cultivate the relationships that matter. The people who find pleasure in just knowing you are a catch and so are you, secure it.

5) Get Uncomfortable – Being too comfortable gears us in a routine motion. It keeps us off our toe and allows an easy acceptance of things. It’s boring, unchallenging, and stunts life’s learning curve. We should be curious and testing in life. Also comfortable leads to lazy and free does not exist.

6) Play – I don’t care how old you get…hide and seek, board games, coloring, dancing, kite flying, and pretend will always be fun. Life doesn’t have to be wound up in taught restraints of “being an adult.” Play will always be my favorite process of learning.

Life is difficult in its complexity. If you want to be happy find the things that make you happy and don’t let it go. Understand that even the things that make you happy will make you sad and the things you love will make you hate.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”

― Elie Wiesel

Real happiness is in love. You have to live passionately to find it. When you find that happy commit to it and never give up on it. Happiness is something that will have to continually be earned and that’s the truth.


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