Pretty Dawn Good


I made history being the most awkward person to accept a marriage proposal. July 5th I kissed  my boyfriend on the Eiffiel Tower and smiled as I said, “Aww, look babe we can now say we kissed in France on the Eiffiel Tower.” As he took the opportunity to transition into proposal mode he shared with me words that I absolutely felt  mutual about. I immediately kissed him and said, “Awww, I feel the same way and thank you.” As he proceeded to get on his knee I asked him what he was doing mid box out the pocket. I laugh as I reflect the day because clearly he was about to propose. A small crowd applaud us and I could not tell you how many people were around us because I only saw Austin in the moment.

I imagine many were surprised to see me engaged. It took us weeks to share the announcement in order for us to share with family and closest friends before social media spilled the beans. Enough time for me to start to think through all the same whirlwind of thoughts that must have crossed other’s mind. No we are not preggers, nor are we in any scenario to consider being politically correct for social pressures.

My decision to marry Austin was a certain non-hesitant answer to life. I love that my fiancé gives me meaning of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. While I love my words (and he understands the importance of letter writing) he equates actions. Austin loves me selflessly and in full acceptance with no criticism, more patience, more trust, and preserves our relationship for us to share. Not only does Austin love me for me, but he loves my family, friends, and the community that surrounds me. He loves every person that has contributed the pieces of who I am today. He may not have met every one of those people, but he listens to the stories narrated from me and understands how important relationships are to me.

I’ve learned that time means nothing and everything at the same time. And in writing that out loud from my head, it also means nothing makes sense. Seriously, how contradictory was that line? I would have never guessed in my lifetime that I’d be engaged so quickly. Austin walked into my life having better intentions for me than people I’d known for much longer. And he has never tried to change me or criticize me but love me. He inspires me everyday to be me. The good better best. What I enjoy most about our relationship is that we were both well off on our own and didn’t really need each other, but together we share a whole lot of awesome.

Austin went to church with me for the first time yesterday, and the topic was about being a husband in representation of Christ. He jokingly said I’d planned to bring him to church that day so the sermon would address him as my soon-to-be husband. I haven’t been to church in any consistence this year between weddings (maid of honor twice), weekend getaways, family visits, work, and just a constant go. He enjoyed the sermon and plans to go back with me 🙂 I too, enjoyed the sermon and realized how much I missed my attendance and learning more about the bible.

Ironically enough, I started writing this post days ago. The timing of yesterday’s sermon was crazy because after church Austin told me he was listening to a song (Same Love – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis …lol) and explain that the lyrics “love is patience, love is kind” was resonating in thought for him. And then I let him know I had been writing this post about him.

Everything about my relationship with Austin has been unbelievable, inexplicable, and just a vomit of happiness. The kind of happiness plot on the Hollywood screen – the movie(s) you jealously would never admit you wished upon. Honestly, nothing I write could ever equate the joy I share loving my fiancé. It’s a passion from within that is had or not had. Also, I don’t recall myself ever wishing jealously upon a Hollywood plot, but it could have happened.

I jokingly came up with name Pretty Dawn Good awhile ago, in conversation, and in response to the question “how are you?”. That day (however long ago) I pretty much decided that it would be my brand. I’d strive to be stupidly punny and Pretty Dawn Good.

July was several pretty amazing strides. I took a 12 day holiday (visiting the U.K., France, & Spain), returned a home owner (finally closed!), and got engaged (It was also the first day we verbally said I love you). I could have never guessed so many life changing events would take place all at once. In all this excitement I’ve found a lot of inspiration, a deep burning desire to get back to my favorite things, which include, letter writing, volunteering, and doodling to name a few. I’d like to make excuses and say it is difficult to balance life, but that’s my own self limitations.

Love your life

And on that note…

God certainly made me a hot mess combination of sugar, nice, and a punch of spice. PS. Thanks poorsie if you read this…inspired from your instapic ❤



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